"Helping Business Owners Fulfill Their EXIT PLAN"

I Help Business Owners Step Away From Their Business To Do What They Want, Where They Want Financially Secure

SUCCESSION & EXIT PLANNING - It comes to us all...The inevitable exit from the business. But did you know that a successful exit plan takes an average of 5 years from the point of implementation? The ultimate goal is to be able to do what you want, where you want financially secure. But so few people achieve it. Also promoting and developing carefully selected individuals that are worthy of continuing the legacy is far from straight forward. If you are a business owner who wants to free up their time for other ventures and interests, this service is for you!

Here are some common frustrations and fears for business owners desiring FREEDOM to choose where and how they spend their time whilst having financial security:

  • Business failure or a catastrophic event affecting the business
  • The sight of retirement hopes dwindling because of the time lost from poor business decisions
  • People lacking the same commitment as them but expecting the rewards
  • People saying they will do things but do not follow through
  • People/teams working in isolation and without empathy for others

​Think about this.  Your main threat is the clock is ticking.  Whoever you are considering to take the reigns and fulfill your legacy, grooming them and getting them to see the business the way you do is complex.  And not an overnight success!  

I offer a tailored solution with on-going flexibility rather than sticking to a one size fits all pre-devised format. Below are some of the many benefits you'll receive through my Succession System:

  • A defined and clear purpose of your intention of stepping away giving you certainty, drive and excitement towards a happier future
  • Overcoming a disconnection between the company owner, the vision and its people/family
  • Focus and alignment towards the appropriate actions linked to the desired exit
  • Transforming of key individuals to a place of peace and freedom to excel in their new responsibilities
  • For each person engaged in the exit strategy, a gained position of complete and utter honesty and finally to be seen
  • Full self acceptance and understanding of what lies ahead. 
  • The witnessing of a more mature, wise and responsible succcessor who respect the vision and exit strategy. 
  • An increase in engagement, productivity and bottom line profit as the exit strategy is delivered.

So who are you hiring? 

I come as a package.  I am qualified lifestyle consultant and personal fitness trainer and having been trained by arguably the best NLP psychotherapist in the world, I have an acute understanding of the dynamics of small to medium sized businesses.  I am especially popular working within the framework of a family business. I facilitate and coach business owners and their staff to reconnect with the reason why they do what they do best whilst respecting the delicate emotional connection that threads through each individual. I will help define your vision so appropriate steps can be taken to develop and transform the worthy successor to ensure the vision and legacy are fulfilled. 

But do you know what the most common question is that enters through the business owners head before they hire me?  


Is X the best person to be my successor and continue my legacy?


This is why being stuck in this condition increases tension, robs you of joy and fulfilment and with the clock ticking reduces your options to create change and a new sense of certainty.  As a business owner this can be daunting and a real burden to carry. Here's what is critical in understanding the complexity of not just finding a worthy successor, but ensuring they are FULLY CAPABLE.  

  • Time waits for no one and the here and now is all we have.  Take action today. 
  • When you think about it, the pain of responsibility is far more tolerable than the pain of regret
  • Your legacy should be a pillar that stands the test of time.  You and your vision is the foundations
  • Your perspective should be to put yourself out of a job. Its how you honor others to be a true successor to everything you have built
  • There are few things more heart wrenching for a seasoned business owner than seeing everything they have built from the ground up fizzle into dust


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Steven Afshar