Leadership Coaching

Identifying and Improving Leadership – Leadership Coaching

Increasing performance by developing your leaders by developing their leadership skills and leadership characteristics.

There is a huge amount of research and literature which confirms that Leadership is central to the culture and results of all kinds in organisations. Enhancing leadership skills, leadership and leadership characteristics is the critical element to improving efficiency, morale, customer service and, ultimately, performance. Strong leadership has a multiplier effect: There are lots of different types of leadership and good leaders develop and grow good leaders.

Teams led by good leaders outperform those run by poor leaders and those high performing individuals will either go on to make an ever greater difference in your organisation as they take on bigger and bigger roles or they will leave and do the same thing for someone else.

But who are the best leaders in your organisation? What are their leadership styles?  What are their leadership traits?  Is there even an agreement on what is leadership or what leadership means?

What about the main body of your managers? Most of them won’t be high flyers but will nonetheless be central to keeping the organisation going. How do you develop their leadership skills and keep them motivated without promoting them beyond their ability? 

Identifying and Improving ALL the Leadership Styles - what we do

We can help you create a description of what great leaders do in your organisation. This will use a combination of best practice from leading organisations and leading edge thinking from the academic world. It will also build in the crucial leadership characteristics in your organisation, industry and situation.

Once this is in place and agreed we can help you use it to:

Create an appetite in your leaders to take their own development seriously.

Create clear descriptions of great leadership for your leaders.

Develop your leaders ability to engage and develop their people. 

Assess your leaders’ capabilities for deployment or development.

Improve your recruitment process to ensure that you are recruiting the best new talent.

Create development programmes to accelerate leadership development.

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