The Rapport Builder

Do you need to Influence & Persuade in your professional or private life? Do you need to Avoid & Reduce Conflict? Is your personal success bound to the quality of Trusted Relationships you develop? If ‘yes’ then then this psychometric profile is exceptional!

The Rapport Builder™ is a powerful and dynamic on-line psychometric test designed to make you and your team more Influential & Persuasive, increasing your opportunities for Business & Personal Success. It will equip you to rapidly build both professional & personal rapport with anyone.  After answering 12 questions on-line about the person you wish to influence, sell to or connect with, you will receive a detailed profile of that person, based on your perceptions.

The report will include a 'General Overview' of your target person. Key Words that describe them and a caution about how they may behave when under pressure. It will also list the key strengths and potential limitations of your target, allowing you to adapt your behaviour to accommodate these facts and ensure a more productive connection. 

This psychometric test also contains powerful information comparing your 'Temperament Shapes' describing how you should adapt your behaviour in order to improve communication, as well as enhance relationships and develop connection strategies which will rapidly build rapport and significantly reduce the potential for conflict. All of this achieved from your desktop in under 5 minutes. There is also a 75 page workbook packed with powerful information and revelation aimed at programming you for greater success.

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