Personal Problems

"Acceptance Is The Start of Your Recovery"

Mental Illness is more common than you think and with 1 in 4 adults experiencing some form of ill mental health at some point in their life.  I can tailor a strategy of recovery just for you


I provide psychotherapeutic relief to business owners, CEO's, executives, managers and sales staff who are affected by stress, depression and emotional burnout. Mindcraft® has an integrative approach using a mix of NLP, Integral Eye Movement Therapy and Metaphors of Movement.

My range of clients seem to have a common thread presenting symptoms such as:-

* I am 50 years old and I do not know where I am going
* I lack confidence in groups of people
* I think I am cursed
* I get tongue tied when under pressure
* I am so anxious
* I feel angry all the time
* I feel held back from my past
* I cannot stand up for myself.
* I have nightmares
* I am terrified of others finding out I am a fraud
* I grind my teeth
* My colleagues just don’t seem to get me
* I feel so ashamed and think about ending it all
* Jealousy is ruining by personal and professional relationships
* I constantly carry the burden of guilt
* I was bullied at school and am still afraid
* I am a bully but don't know how else to manage others
* I just can’t seem to trust anyone anymore
* My partner has left me and I feel lost

If you are experiencing negative emotional or behavioural limitations that are affecting your ability to work and perform, unlike doctors who prescribe anti-depressants to 'treat' the symptoms and never cure them, I will assist in creating the change that is required to integrate with a prearranged recovery plan.

Please consider the bold claims of some change workers or clinicians offering an INSTANT CURE for just what they are. A bold and empty claim.  There is little value of attempting optimal wellness when the social, environmental and political odds are stacked against the client. 

I facilitate the relief of unwanted negative emotions such as guilt, anxiety, anger, depression, stress, frustration, fear, addiction, phobia, low self esteem and symptoms of PTSD relating to car accidents, physical/sexual abuse that have developed through poor child development/traumatic events and workplace stress.

All Neuro-Linguistic Change Work Sessions last up to 2 hours

If you are experiencing any of the symptoms described above contact Steven on 033 0088 1138 or 07817451096 email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.