What People Say About Mindcraft®

Why did you decide to hire Mindcraft®?

  • This was set up by our firm and I attended as part of this
  • To help bond the team together and get the team involved in the business a little bit more to help the business grow.
  • To improve, understand and grow as a team, but also personally and individually too.
  • MD made the decision
  • Recommended
  • I was at a very lost point in my life, not sure why I got to some places in my mind & I needed find out how to move on and lead a better life and see things in a different light.
  • To help our team communicate more effectively and discuss the business and its goals and challenges in an open and honest way.

Please list the biggest concerns you had BEFORE you hired Mindcraft®?

  • Poor team engagement.  
  • Not creating a blame culture
  • Responsibility for own role, behaviour and actions
  • People pleasing, which caused me to worry and over think a situation that was not even necessary.
  • Not being able to cope well with change. 
  • Looking at everything in a very negative way & not thinking before acting.
  • The relevance
  • Could we afford the time. 
  • Would the team get enough out of it?
  • Speaking honestly what I thought in front of the team - not a fan of confrontation. 
  • Not usually a fan of coaching and dissecting behaviors, so thought I would find it annoying 
  • Taking time away from case work for something I didn't believe had any value at the time
  • Reaction from rest of the team. 
  • Outcomes that benefited the business.
  • Participation from whole team.
  • Spending money which could have been wasted as it may not have helped bond the team together or grow the business.
  • Not knowing beforehand what was going to be asked of us at each meeting.
  • Not wanting the rest of the team to know my inner thoughts about how I felt about the business.
  • I wasn't sure what to expect to be honest as I have never attended anything like this before.
  • That I was going to have to say or do something that I felt uncomfortable with doing. 
  • Being put on the spot.

What did you like best about our service?

  • As the sessions continued over the period of time, I found them a lot easier and more relaxed and I was able to come out and express feelings and thoughts in front of people that I never thought I would.
  • The way that you adapted yourself to our individual needs as a company but also to each individual person on the team. Having now gone through this process our company is much stronger as a business as all members of the team are there for each other along with the support for the business.
  • High level teachings, with real life examples that could relate to us all personally and professionally. Open and honest communication that encoraged us to all grow as indidvuals and as a team.
  • I love that Steve is so honest and direct, and that he questions you from an unbiased way. I have found the sessions really helpful in our work environment, but also surprisingly for me, in my personal life too. I think I have grown as a person and that my personal and work relationships have improved since starting these sessions and I will definitely continue to apply all I've learned in the future.
  • very friendly service focus on what the team wanted so service was tailored as we work through the process
  • Steve is a very good all rounder/listener.
  • I was pushed to go deep into my mind and go places I have not been before, to see straight on what was going on not be worried and deal with the problem and get myself back on to level ground.
  • It pushes us out of our comfort zone to communicate better with each other in a respectful and open way.

If you were to tell someone who was thinking about hiring mindcraft®, what would you say to him or her?

  • Just do it. You will find the experience very eye opening. You will learn more about yourself, your business and your team and will see massive improvements in your business.
  • Do it!! The best thing I ever did as now I have the tool of the trade and I'm ready for the world! But I know If I get a little side track I know I can always call In and make sure I get straight back on that road I'm on!
  • Highly recommended
  • Whilst some of it may feel challenging at times it was well worth the investment in time and money
  • Put your pre-conceptions, judgements and assumptions aside. If you are ready to learn, grow and change, then jump right in and give 100% to your sessions. If you do this, you will really feel the benefits in your life, without really realising that the changes have happened! What at first you must think about and try at, soon becomes second nature and the norm. So relax, get comfortable and trust Steve to change your life (both personal and work) for the better. All it takes is honesty and commitment.
  • Just do it. You will not regret it, it is with worth every penny in order to take a critical and honest look at where you are now and where you want to be and then have the steps and tools in order to move forward.
  • Definitely involve all of your staff as the more people that are involved the better. Be as open minded as possible with new ideas and take on board any criticism of how the business is doing as other see the business in a different light.
  • I would say that it is worth while doing as you will shock yourself with how much you realise about yourself and your company and colleagues and it is a sense of relief at times when you do share your worries and concerns all together and you come away with a lot to think about and change in a positive way.